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To get more information on our drop table systems, please feel free to contact Denise Louder, our Product Manager for this line of products, at (301) 829-6227, or email her via our contact page.

Rail and Transit Systems – Bus Transit

The goal of any bus workshop is to perform vehicle maintenance and repair efficiently and to expeditiously return the vehicle to working service. Macton’s mechanical bus lift is designed and manufactured to allow customers to achieve this goal while maintaining a safe work environment for personnel. Unlike the hydraulic bus lifts, the Macton mechanical bus lift is designed with mechanical screw jacking units with self-locking screw threads to ensure that the equipment will only raise and lower when power is applied to the motor. The mechanical bus lift systems are also significantly more environmentally-friendly as compared to hydraulic systems, which tend to leak fluids into the shop floor.

Specific Bus Transit Products Offered

There are a wide variety of products that Macton has to offer the transit system market, including the following:

Freight RailroadsShop Maintenance