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Architectural Applications – Casinos and Entertainment

Serving the Unique Needs of Casinos and Entertainment Destinations
Casinos and entertainment destinations are high profile attractions that demand innovation and excitement in their promotions to capture and focus public attention. Combining fast-paced trade show experience with our high end architectural applications experience, Macton works closely with the venue owner/designer to create high visibility attractions that not only attract attention but also provide the reliability and performance that these applications demand.

  • Casinos – Whether it’s to attract attention to a jackpot prize or draw the public into a particular area, Macton turntables and powered structures have helped increase customer enjoyment and owner profitability at casino locations throughout the country. Las Vegas, Reno, Atlantic City, Eastern Connecticut, and floating casino venues have all enjoyed enhanced image and revenue growth, with the help of attractions incorporating custom designed Macton turntables and lift systems.
  • Entertainment Attractions – Special visitor attractions have incorporated Macton turntables and moving structures to provide unique entertainment experiences. Custom-designed Macton equipment can be utilized to move an audience through a sequence of presentations and experiences fully coordinated with collateral audio/visual effects. Alternatively, special effects mounted on Macton moving structures can be introduced to create maximum audience impact.

Specific Products Offered to Casinos and Entertainment Destinations

There are a wide variety of products that Macton has to offer for casinos and entertainment destinations, including the following:

Truck RemovalTruck OverhaulShop MaintenanceFreight Railroads

Macton’s Extensive Experience in this Area
Macton has been building turntable systems for casinos and various other entertainment venues for many decades, and is the leading turntable designer and manufacturer not only in the United States, but on a worldwide basis. Our proprietary designs and manufacturing methods for turntables, acquired over the last six decades, ensures that our turntable customers will get the highest quality and highest value turntables available on the market today. Macton typically custom designs and manufactures each of these turntables to meet the specific needs of each of its customers.

Here is a partial list of installations:

Gaming & Entertainment Installations Description Location
Pro Football Hall of Fame 36' Turntable For Game Day Attraction Canton, OH
Paramount Parks 16' Turntables For Days of Thunder Attraction Various Locations
Cyclorama 51' People Mover Turntable Atlanta, GA
Mohegan Sun Casino 18' Turntable/Lift System For Slot Machine Attraction Uncasville, CT
National Space Museum 14' Turntable/Lift System Washington D.C
Showboat Casino 16' Lifting Stage Gary, IN
Opryland Hotel 56' Rotating Bar Nashville, TN

*partial list