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To get more information on these various applications and systems, please feel free to contact Jack Shepherd, our Product Manager for this line of products, at (203) 267-1500, ext. 31, or email him via the contact page.

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Architectural Applications – Commercial Building Architecture

Macton Experience in Supporting Specialized Applications for Commercial Building Construction

Macton turntables and moving structures are designed and built to perform reliably even under the rigors of commercial use. Let us support your project and facility with over 60 years of experience and the highest quality products.

Specific Products Offered

There are a wide variety of products that Macton has to offer to help support the efforts of architects and designers with respect to commercial building construction, including the following:

Revolving Restaurants Revolving Restaurants – Macton revolving restaurant installations crown some of the finest hotels and commercial buildings in the world, often providing a distinctive and “must see” destination in cities around the globe. Revolving restaurants increase revenues by providing a memorable experience and increasing patron visits.
Truck Turntables Delivery Truck Turntables – Where space is at a premium, a Macton truck turntable will permit a cost-effective solution for your loading dock area. Save space and relieve congestion by turning trucks in under one minute on the turntable. Macton truck turntables ensure consistent deliveries and traffic flow in confined and inconvenient spaces while greatly reducing the risk of accidents between vehicles, pedestrians, or building columns.
Specialized Turntables Specialized Turntables - There are a wide range of unique applications that these turntable systems have been applied to, from building turntables for large swing span bridges to much smaller turntable and other applications.