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Architectural Applications – Convention Centers

Macton’s Expertise with Conference & Convention Centers

Macton turntables are now installed at international conference centers to get maximum productivity from valuable or available space.

Specific Products Offered to Conference & Convention Centers

There are a wide variety of products that Macton has to offer for conference and convention centers, including the following:

TDA Turntable Divisible Auditoriums (TDA) – The TDA creates classrooms, lecture halls or sub-theaters from underutilized auditorium space. Conversion is a push-button operation that takes place in under four minutes. The TDA will improve utilization of your auditorium space and can reduce construction and operating cost by reducing the overall size of the building. The acoustical isolation and sight lines created by the TDA cannot be matched by folding or movable wall options.
Truck Turntable Delivery Truck Turntables – Where space is at a premium, a Macton truck turntable will permit a cost-effective solution for your loading dock area. Save space and relieve congestion by turning trucks in under one minute on the turntable. Macton truck turntables ensure consistent deliveries and traffic flow in confined and inconvenient spaces while greatly reducing the risk of accidents between vehicles, pedestrians, or building columns.
Stage Equipment Stage Turntables, Lifts and Equipment – Macton stages are installed in the most prestigious institutions around the country and feature unmatched reliability. Our pit lifts feature mechanical screw technology which offers maximum safety and requires no hydraulic fluid.
Specialized Turntables Specialized Turntables - There are a wide range of unique applications that these turntable systems have been applied to, from building turntables for large swing span bridges to much smaller turntable and other applications.