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To get more information on our drop table systems, please feel free to contact Denise Louder, our Product Manager for this line of products, at (301) 829-6227, or email her via our contact page.

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Macton offers a wide range of products to support locomotive maintenance and repair. Our drop tables may be used to remove either full locomotive truck assemblies or single axles and transfer them to a service track. Locomotive turntables allow locomotives to be turned around and moved through the yard quickly while conserving limited yard space. Macton sanding systems provide a clean and efficient method for filling the locomotive sand box. Portable jacks may be used to lift a locomotive for maintenance and inspection. Please see below for a complete list of all of our locomotive maintenance and repair products.

All Macton hoisting equipment is designed with mechanical screw jacking units with self-locking screw threads to ensure that the equipment will only raise and lower when power is applied to the motor.

Specific Freight Railroad Products Offered

There are a wide variety of products that Macton has to offer the railway system market, including the following:

Truck RemovalTruck OverhaulShop MaintenanceFreight Railroads

Truck RemovalTruck OverhaulShop MaintenanceFreight Railroads

Truck RemovalTruck OverhaulFreight RailroadsShop Maintenance