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Industrial & Testing Equipment

Macton has developed a special expertise in a number of different industrial and testing areas, ranging from building conveying equipment for paper mills, manufacturing assembly plants and rail vehicle manufacturing facilities, to building various testing equipment used for military and industrial applications. This equipment is typically custom-designed by Macton’s engineering staff to meet the unique needs of its customers, and is built to enhance the operational efficiency and accuracy of each of those customer applications. Macton’s engineers are available to assist project consultants and internal engineering staff in designing the special equipment and facilities needed for these unique projects, from the early stages of these projects up through the actual installation of the equipment.


EMI, RFI, EMC & Radar Turntables

Macton has designed and delivered a variety of turntable-based systems for EMI/RFI and EMC testing.
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Positioning Equipment

Positioning and Sortation Equipment

A variety of turntable-based positioning systems for diverse and demanding applications.
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Specialized Turntables

Welding Positioning Equipment

These welding positioners lift and rotate long, heavy weldments and place them in the optimal position for flat welding.
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Specialized Turntables

Marine Cable Laying Turntables

These turntables are used to lay sub-sea cable in the telecommunications, electric power and alternative energie industries.
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Material Handling

Material Handling & Conveying Systems

The efficient movement of parts and materials is essential to any cost effective industrial process.
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Railroad Manufacturing

Railroad Manufacturing Equipment

Extensive experience in various lifting and positioning products.
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