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To get more information on these various applications and systems, please feel free to contact Jack Shepherd, our Product Manager for this line of products, at (203) 267-1500, ext. 31, or email him via the contact page.

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Architectural Applications – Residential Architecture

Macton’s Long-Standing Expertise in Residential Architecture

Macton is the established leader in the field of architectural moving structures. The same smooth operation and attention to detail that powers high-profile commercial applications is also frequently scaled to residential installations. A Macton turntable can help you make your project or home more functional and distinctive. When a rotating or moving structure is called to add value to your project, call us to support your architectural vision with know-how and the highest quality products.

Specific Products Offered

There are a wide variety of products that Macton has to offer in this area, including the following:

Vehicle Turntable Vehicle Turntable – A Macton vehicle turntable can be applied in the garage or driveway to gain freedom from congestion, or to access difficult spaces. In addition, in many cases, a turntable system can be extremely helpful to homeowners since it can turn a vehicle around so there is always a safe, front-facing entrance and exit from the residence into busy roadways.
Residential Room Turntable Residential Room Turntable – A room turntable allows the homeowner to fully enjoy the features and assets of a home by permitting the focal point of the entire room to be quickly adjusted to a beautiful window view, or enjoyment of a home theater system for maximum enjoyment of every activity the home offers.
Specialized Turntables Specialized Turntables - There are a wide range of unique applications that these turntable systems have been applied to, from building turntables for large swing span bridges to much smaller turntable and other applications.