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Architectural Applications – Theaters and Concerts

Breadth of Macton Experience with Theaters and Concert Venues

Macton has six decades of experience in producing revolving stages for theaters and concert venues, including moveable revolving stages. Scalable from the largest high-volume theater to community churches, Macton supports applications anywhere that the attention needs to be on the stage; not worrying about what is supporting it. The combination of six decades of proven technology and a constant effort to provide innovative and cost-effective installations makes Macton stage structures ideal for theaters, churches, Civic Centers and multi-use community halls.

  • Revolving Stages – Macton revolving stages are well known for their unfailing reliability and silent efficiency. These revolving stages can be made to be either permanently set in one position or moveable throughout a facility. Macton installations in the area of theaters and concert venues include the revolving stages of New York's Metropolitan Opera House, Jones Beach Marine Stadium (which has been in continuous use for over 40 years) and the classic stage turntable in Frank Lloyd Wright's Dallas Theatre. Other Macton turntable applications include revolving stages for television productions, revolving bandstands and exhibit and display turntables.

Specific Turntable and Lift Products Offered

There are a wide variety of products that Macton has to offer for amusement parks and attractions, including the following:

Stage LiftsDiorama SeatingSpecialized Turntables