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To get more information on our drop table systems, please feel free to contact Denise Louder, our Product Manager for this line of products, at (301) 829-6227, or email her via our contact page.

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Transfer Tables

Macton designs and manufactures each Transfer Table to meet the specific capacity and length requirements the customer needs. A Transfer Table is a length of rail that traverses a locomotive or rail car to any number of parallel tracks. A single track (or more) can feed one end of the Transfer Table and the locomotive or rail car can continue on to many other tracks on the opposite end of the pit, possibly into a locomotive or rail car repair facility.

The amount of trucks and drives for the Transfer Table depend on the capacity and length required. These drives utilize variable speed motors for smooth start and stop functions, as well as quiet operation. Optional features include automatic wheel chocks, track alignment locking mechanisms, enclosed operator stations (cabs), multiple walkways, and more.